Community Defibrillator

The availability of defibrillators can help to save lives.


A defibrillator is a device used to give an electric shock to help restart a patient’s heart when they are in cardiac arrest. When someone suffers a cardiac arrest the heart stops and blood is no longer being pumped around their body.  The longer they go without emergency life-support, the harder it is to restart their heart.  

The more public access Automated External Defibrillator (AED), the more people could get a life-saving shock as quickly as possible, ahead of an ambulance, which would assist in giving them the best possible chance of survival.

AEDs are easy and safe to use by anyone with little or no training.  The device talks and displays what you need to do, with many devices also showing pictures.


The Charlton Musgrove Community AED is stored inside the old Phone Box on Barrow Lane, Charlton Musgrove (opposite 3 and 4 Dibbens Row).

Postcode:                    BA9 8HQ

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The AED is contained in the distinctive Rotaid wall cabinet:  The cabinet can be opened by twisting and removing the cover, anti-clockwise in the direction of the arrows.  No security code is required.

The AED can now be removed from its hook and taken to the casualty’s location. 

Use In An Emergency

In case of a medical emergency Dial 999 and ask for the ambulance service.  Answer any questions asked  by the ambulance service and follow any instructions their operator may give.   If the ambulance service operator considers that the AED is needed then instruction will be given to retrieve it.  In parallel, an ambulance, and possibly other emergency medical support, will be despatched by the ambulance service. 

It is probable that if use of the AED has been instructed then CPR will also be instructed:  Ideally one person will give CPR to the casualty while a second person retrieves the defibrillator. 

Once the AED has been retrieved and taken to the casualty follow the instructions within the AED.

After Use

Please return the device, used pads and emergency bag to the old Phone Box on Barrow Lane and inform the Parish Clerk (click here for contact information) as soon as possible (or another member of the Parish Council).  If you can provide details about the emergency and comment on the use of the AED that would be very helpful.  The device will be cleaned, new pads obtained and installed.

Charlton Musgrove Community Defibrillator

The defibrillator is provided under a South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) Community Public Access Scheme Defibrillator Support Package.  The current 4 year lease period commenced in November 2019 at a cost to the Parish Council of £2,160.00.

The AED is effectively on loan from SWASFT who provide all of the support to maintain it including pads and batteries, storage equipment; an annual awareness course within the community or work based site on Basic Life Support and defibrillation; and a debriefing service including welfare and post-incident support to anyone that uses the AED should the device be used. The device is listed on the 999 computer aided dispatch system via The Circuit to ensure that any caller in the local vicinity of the defibrillator is made aware of it should they need it.

The Parish Council is responsible for providing and maintaining a suitable location to store the AED; checking the device once a week; and providing a suitable venue for the annual defibrillator awareness course. 

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