Posted and writted by Tim Carroll

Protected Oak Tree Under Threat

This large 300 year old Oak along Barrow Lane is the only tree in Charlton Musgrove apart from a single Yew to have a TPO (Tree Preservation Order).


Previous attempts to acquire planning permission on the small strip of land on which it sits on the border have been refused on the grounds that any building here would be harmful to the tree’s root system.


A new application has recently been received by South Somerset District Council for an erection of a dwelling on the north end of the site (Application No 19/01976/FUL). The plans show a protection area around the oak of a circle of a 10-12 metre radius. However most experts including the Association of British Insurers would recommend a radius of 20-30 metres for a tree of this size and antiquity. If this was applied then it would encroach over the building outline. In addition, no details of landscape design have been submitted and nor has the technical detail on the earthworks associated with the sewage connection been included in the application.


Near neighbours are objecting to this application mainly on the basis of the danger to the tree. As this tree enjoys a unique status within the village and should be viewed as a community asset to be retained and enjoyed by this generation and generations to come, the continued health of this asset is rightly a concern of the whole village.


The plans can be viewed on the SSDC Website or by request to the Parish Clerk Sheran Ring. Observations and comments can made directly to the Planning Authority(SSDC) or the Parish Council. The Parish Council will be considering this application at the village hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th September.

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